About Blue For Life

Blue News: We’ve made another donation to a LEO family in need, please continue to support Blue for Life, Inc. and our efforts to make a difference in the lives that protect ours. Thank you.

Blue For Life, Inc. is a charitable, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing all sworn law enforcement officers in the state of Illinois and their immediate family members with financial assistance in the event that any of them become a victim of a serious illness, catastrophic injury and/or death.

We believe that law enforcement officers perform a very difficult, demanding job and a family crisis can make the performance of this job unbearable. Our mission is to alleviate part of this strain by providing financial support when it’s needed most. Our goal is to grow and assist more police families, and to keep working towards our ultimate goal of going national. There is a great need for our unique charity in this country, and it is our hope that we can contribute to more police families that are faced with financial burdens due to the severe illness, serious injury and/or death of a child, spouse or the officer themselves. With the support of our volunteers and through the generosity of law enforcement organizations, corporations, foundations, individuals and families, Blue For Life can make a difference in the lives of those that protect ours. All sworn law enforcement families in the State of Illinois are eligible to receive assistance from Blue For Life.

Having a Fundraiser?

Please notify us of your upcoming fundraiser by emailing Megan Bennett with the event details. We will attempt to attend and make a donation on behalf of Blue For Life.

Our Board of Directors

The majority of our Board Members consists of active and retired police officers as well as immediate family members of police officers.

Megan Bennett
Executive Director/Secretary/Treasurer
Daughter of a retired police officer

Blue For Life, Inc. Board of Directors

James Vonesh
President, Board of Directors
Police Officer, Oak Park Police Department, 25 years of service (retired)

Jerry Sullivan
Vice President, Board of Directors
Sergeant, Oak Park Police Department, 24 years of service (retired)
Active attorney, West Chicago, IL

Brian Kuratko
Board of Directors
Commander, Lyons Police Department, 22 years of service (active)

John Putnam
Board of Directors
Sergeant, Dupage County Sheriffs Office, 16 years of service (active)